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Privacy and cookies

When we use your information without permission

At times we might use or share your information without your permission. We’ll only do this if there’s a legal basis for it. This could include situations where we have to use or share your information:

  • to follow the law, called ‘legal obligation’ – for example, if a court orders us to share information
  • to protect someone’s life, called ‘vital interests’ – for example, sharing information with a paramedic if a client was unwell at our office
  • to carry out our aims and goals as an organisation, called ‘legitimate interests’ – for example, to create anonymous case studies and statistics for our national research
  • for us to carry out a task in the public interest or for our official functions, and the task or function has a clear basis in law, called ‘public task’ – for example the Consumer Service
  • to carry out a contract we have with you, called ‘contract’ – for example, if you’re an employee we might need to store your bank details so we can pay you
  • to defend our legal rights – for example, to resolve a complaint that we gave the wrong advice

Using our website – our privacy policy

Your location

With your permission, we collect data on your location – to within 1 square kilometre. You can’t be identified from this information – it’s completely anonymous.

This helps us make sure people are getting the content that applies to where they live.

It also means we can see how demand for our content changes by location – for example, if a lot of people look at housing advice in one area of the country, we can target our services to meet that need or investigate why there are problems with housing in that area.

How we collect your location data

We’ll collect your location data using Google Analytics. When you visit our website for the first time, a box will appear at the top left of your screen telling you that New Teachers NOLA would like to know your location. You can choose to block it, or allow your location to be shared with us.

We’ll never collect your location data on pages about domestic abuse or violence, or on pages about immigration.

How we use cookies

When you use our website, we add cookies to your device to:

  • make sure the website works well for you – for example, remembering whether you want to see content for England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • find out how you’re using our website so we can improve it
  • help us run fundraising campaigns effectively

By using our website, we assume you agree to us adding cookies to your device. If you want to disable, block or remove cookies, you can do this at any time.

Finding out how you use our website

We use tools called Google Analytics to help us understand how you’re using our website.

They collect information by putting cookies on your device. They share that data with us and we use it to improve our website – for example, making popular pages easier to find.

Google Analytics collect information about:

  • which links you click on
  • where you move the mouse or cursor across the page
  • how much you scroll up and down on the page
  • your browser, device and operating system
  • the language you’re using
  • your screen’s resolution
  • the length of time you’re on our website
  • your ISP and approximate ISP Location (City, Region, Country)
  • how you got to our website

The data collected through cookies is all anonymous – you can’t be identified by it.
We store the information for 6 months and then delete it.